Nicole Giordano


Nicole Giordano

Founder, PUCKer Up Sports

Team Member Since May 2018

Twitter: @nikkigiordano_

Instagram: @n_leighh

About Nicole

My name is Nikki! I'm the founder and CEO of PUCKer Up Sports. What started as a girl with a dream has expanded into something truly magical and I am proud of the family that we've created! When I'm not writing or talking about hockey (which isn't often), I'm probably traveling for a concert or a music festival. I love a new adventure and exploring other countries. PUCKer Up is my baby and I can't wait to continue providing great coverage throughout the NHL.

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Alexa Hilston


Alexa Hilston

Chapter Head, Tampa & Contributor, DC

Team Member Since November 2018

Twitter: @xoalexajeanette

Instagram: @alexahilston

About Alexa

Hey, y'all! I'm Alexa and I'm the head of PUCKer Up Tampa. I'm a student at the University of South Florida, majoring in health sciences with a minor in journalism, and I am also a social media manager for USF Hockey! I was born in Akron, Ohio, but moved when I was a baby and I have grown up in the Sunshine State, not far from the Most Magical Place on Earth (yes, I do have an annual pass). I love talking about sports and have grown up surrounded by sports (mostly Ohio teams-except the Blue Jackets), but hockey is the one I really fell for. My home team is the Lightning, but I find my Caps loyalty through family connections (thanks, Mom!). I love to travel, watch Netflix (Parks and Rec & Stranger Things mostly), and I have a soft spot for Andre Burakovsky. While I'll mostly be working for Tampa, don't be surprised if you see me working with DC as well (and generally just bouncing around). I love PUCKer Up with my whole heart, and I can't wait to continue to grow with it and see where it leads us!

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Clio Reid


Clio Reid

Contributor, DC

Team Member Since January 2019

Twitter: @cliburkstrand

Instagram: @cliobea

About Clio

Hey folks! I'm Clio and I write mainly for the DC chapter, but you'll probably see me helping out a little bit everywhere. I'm currently studying linguistics and modern language at MCGill University in Montreal. I was born outside of DC, but have spent most of my life in Lincoln, Nebraska. My other interest include community radio, fountain pens, and rescue greyhounds. I love statistics, and my writing tends to be either advanced stats or prospects related, so feel free to shoot me a message if you want to hear about something specific in that realm. Thanks for reading, and I can't wait to see what the 2019-20 season holds!

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Jessica Lindsey


Jessica Lindsey

Journalist, DC

Team Member Since July 2019

Twitter: @jessmlindsey

Instagram: @jessmlindsey

About Jessica

Hey! I'm Jessica Lindsey and I'm a journalist for the PUCKer Up DC chapter. I graduated from Mississippi State University in 2018 with a degree in communication. I've interned at ESPN, covered MSU's women's basketball championship run in 2018. and managed the ACHA D3 ice hockey team. Even though I live between Preds and Blues territory, the Caps are my favorite team, and I blame my mom who is from DC. I am so excited to be a part of the PUCKer Up team, and I'm looking forward to this season!

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Rebecca Ennis


Rebecca Ennis

Photographer, DC

Team Member Since August 2019

Twitter: @rebeccaannennis

Instagram: @rebeccaannennis

About Rebecca

Coming Soon!

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Arielle Gordon


Arielle Gordon

Journalist, DC

Team Member Since August 2019

Twitter: @ariellecarly

Instagram: @arielle_c_gordon

About Arielle

Hello! I'm Arielle Gordon and I'm a journalist for the PuckerUp DC team. I lived my whole life just outside of DC, until I moved to Colorado for schoo. I'm a journalism minor at Colorado College where I cover our 17 varsity athletics teams. I love the Caps with all my heart (even if their Stanley Cup run nearly gave me a heart attack a couple of times). When I'm not watching or writing about hockey, I'm either watching baseball (the Washington Nationals are my loves), cooking, or watching the West Wing. I can't wait to see what this season is going to bring!

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Hillary Montero


Hillary Montero

Contributor, DC

Team Member Since August 2019

Twitter: @burkyscurls

Instagram: @hillaryfaiithh

About Hillary

Hey there! I'm Hillary and I am a contributor for the DC chapter. Besides writing, I am studying behavioral sciences. Born in southern New Jersey, I played sports at a young age, but unfortunately had to stop at the age of ten after being diagnosed with Chronic Myeloid Leukemia. Philadelphia became a second home to me as I had treatment at The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. Now being in remission for almost four years, I still find comfort in not only writing but sports as well. Growing up in a sports family that mainly played baseball, I am the lone wolf in my family that has a huge love for hockey! The Capitals have been my team since I was fourteen and I have developed a love for a few other teams that include the Colorado Avalanche, New Jersey Devils, and Philadelphia Flyers. I love Andre Burakovsky and am the president of the Burky's Curls stan club. Besides hockey, my interests include Harry Styles, poetry, and reality TV! I am excited to join the PUCKer Up team and for the upcoming season! Thanks for reading!

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