Nicole Giordano


Nicole Giordano

Founder, PUCKer Up Sports

Team Member Since May 2018

Twitter: @nikkigiordano_

Instagram: @n_leighh

About Nicole

My name is Nikki! I'm the founder and CEO of PUCKer Up Sports. What started as a girl with a dream has expanded into something truly magical and I am proud of the family that we've created! When I'm not writing or talking about hockey (which isn't often), I'm probably traveling for a concert or a music festival. I love a new adventure and exploring other countries. PUCKer Up is my baby and I can't wait to continue providing great coverage throughout the NHL.

Kenzie Garcia


Kenzie Garcia

Graphic Designer

Team Member Since December 2018

Twitter: @kenziekate1989

Instagram: @kenziekate1989

About Kenzie

Hi, everyone! My name is Kenzie and I am the Graphic Designer for all of the PUCKer Up Sports properties! I graduated from Texas Tech University with a degree in sports management and public relations. I made my way to D.C. after spending four years working in professional sports doing marketing and design. I enjoy attending music festivals, snowboarding, and shopping! I'm also a season ticket holder for both the Caps and DC United. I am honored to be working with a group of women with not only a deep love for the sport of hockey, but an unparalleled passion for growing the presence of women in sports!

Caroline Trussell


Caroline Trussell


Team Member Since May 2019

Twitter: @carolinetruuu

Instagram: @carolinetruuu

About Caroline

Hi everyone! I'm Caroline Trussell. I'm 23 years old and I'm originally from Jacksonville, FL. I've lived all of my life in Florida until I decided to take a job in Washington, D.C. as a Communications Analyst working for the federal government. My main passions are writing, editing, journalism, reading, and binge watching Netflix/Hulu. Some of my favorite things are Stranger Things (haha), tacos, dogs of any kind, and a good nap. I'm very sarcastic and I love learning new things and challenging myself. I started working with PUCKer Up, as the editor, very recently, but I am so in love with the styles of writing the girls have to offer and the opportunities it brings to me.