About Us

What is PuckerUp?

PuckerUp Sports is a 100% female run online publication created to give a new perspective on the hockey world. 

Opinion Pieces, post and pre game reports, and interviews with your favourite players, PuckerUp will soon become your favourite spot to get your daily dose of the Hockey. We recently have expanded to cover The Washington Capitals, The Hershey Bears (Fully credentialed) and the Toronto Maple Leafs. 

Who is PuckerUp?

Lets put a face to the name shall we? 

PuckerUp was founded by yours truly, Nicole Giordano.  I'm a 24 year old with a degree in sports management who often forgets that my full time job is not being a Washington Capitals fan. I'm quirky, opinionated, and extremely excited to share my thoughts on my favourite game with you! Don't be afraid to reach out with any questions, or comments. Talk hockey to me.