Interested in becoming a sponsor?

We are credentialed within the NHL and as a team of 15 young females trying to accomplish a dream, we often pay thousands of dollars (of our own money) to travel to events in order to get the best media coverage. (CWHL All Star Game in Toronto, trips to Hershey PA weekly, and the NHL Awards in Vegas) there are also a lot of site fees involved in our day to day, and many costs that go into our marketing and fundraisers.  Our website and social media platforms currently receive 550k unique clicks per month (on average.) Due to this, we feel that we can bring your company quite a lot. We are offering multiple advertising opportunities throughout the year, exclusive invites to our fundraising events(usually covered by NBC Washington), sponsored interviews with professional Athletes, and more. We are flexible, open to suggestions and ideas, and no level of sponsorship is too small. 

We would have been unable to function  without our current sponsors and we are hopeful to bring more local, unique companies on board!

Our Sponsors