Nicole Giordano


Nicole Giordano

Founder, PUCKer Up Sports

Team Member Since May 2018

Twitter: @nikkigiordano_

Instagram: @n_leighh

About Nicole

My name is Nikki! I'm the founder and CEO of PUCKer Up Sports. What started as a girl with a dream has expanded into something truly magical and I am proud of the family that we've created! When I'm not writing or talking about hockey (which isn't often), I'm probably traveling for a concert or a music festival. I love a new adventure and exploring other countries. PUCKer Up is my baby and I can't wait to continue providing great coverage throughout the NHL.

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Alexa Hilston


Alexa Hilston

Chapter Head, Tampa & Contributor, DC

Team Member Since November 2018

Twitter: @alexahilston

Instagram: @alexahilston

About Alexa

Hey, y'all! I'm Alexa and I'm the head of PUCKer Up Tampa. I'm a student at the University of South Florida, majoring in health sciences with a minor in communications, and I am also a social media manager for USF Hockey! I was born in Akron, Ohio, but moved when I was a baby and I have grown up in the Sunshine State, not far from the Most Magical Place on Earth (yes, I do have an annual pass). I love talking about sports and have grown up surrounded by sports (mostly Ohio teams), but hockey is the one I really fell for. My home team is the Lightning, but I find my Caps loyalty through family connections (thanks, Mom!). I love to travel, watch Disney+, and I have a soft spot for Andre Burakovsky. While I'll mostly be working for Tampa, don't be surprised if you see me working with DC as well (and generally just bouncing around). I love PUCKer Up with my whole heart, and I can't wait to continue to grow with it and see where it leads us!

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Emma Lindsey-Lowery


Emma Lindsey-Lowery

Journalist, Tampa

Team Member Since August 2019

Twitter: @emmlindsey

Instagram: @emm_lindsey

About Emma

Hola! I'm Emma and I am a current university student in Florida majoring in International Relations with double minors in Russian and Spanish. I was born in Florida but grew up in North Texas. I love playing tennis and futbol, and I am a former olympic-style wrestler. I got into hockey in middle school, introduced to the sport my figure-skater best friend and her hockey playing brother. My two teams are the Metropolitan Riveters of the NWHL and the NHL's Dallas Stars, but Sunshine State hockey is quickly becoming my favorite. In my spare time I love listening to music and reading about analytics and how it's changing our outlook of hockey.

Karina Wilson


Karina Wilson

Journalist, Tampa

Team Member Since August 2019

Twitter: @kk_rinaa

Instagram: @shotsbykdub

About Karina

Hi! My name is Karina and i’m a journalist for PUCKer Up Tampa! I’m a journalism major on the sports and media track at the University of Florida. I was born and raised in Tampa and i’m proud to be a Tampa Native. As I matured, hockey became my safe haven and I basically eat, sleep, and breathe it! Creative writing has always been my passion and I made my own blog in order to combine my two loves: hockey and writing. Of course I am a loyal Bolts fan, but I have a soft spot for the Maple Leafs and Capitals. I aspire to be a professional hockey reporter. I’m very excited to be apart of the PUCKer Up team and I can’t wait to see what opportunities it will bring me!

Emily Tatsch


Emily Tatsch

Photographer, Tampa

Team Member Since September 2019

Twitter: @emilytatsch4

Instagram: @emilytatschh

About Emily

Hi!! I’m Emily and I am currently studying animal biology at the University of South Florida! I’m originally from Kentucky but have a major part of my family living in Pittsburgh (Let’s go Pens!). Growing up in a hockey loving family, hockey centered events became a family tradition, from going to games and watching them together, to Stanley Cup parties at our house! In my spare time, I love weightlifting and going to the gym!! I can’t wait to see the path PUCKer Up takes me on and what is to come!